I have always been keen on achieving, learning and creating goals for myself. However, I always found it really difficult in actually committing to what I wanted my goals to be, so I never seemed to get much further than thinking about it. 

We all know the benefits of goal setting and have heard about making it SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.  We also have heard many times to make sure you write your goals down.  All sounds very easy in theory, but how do you even decide what goals you want?

When I took on my first coach, I finally had the opportunity to decide what goals I wanted and better yet I got to the step of making them SMART and writing them down.  So what made this process different to what I was trying to do before?

  1. We started off by reviewing all the areas of my life and applying a rating of where I thought I was in each of those areas right now
  2. We then looked at the areas where the rating was lowest and picked 3 areas to focus on
  3. With each of the 3 areas, I then had to decide what would change the rating to 100%
  4. From there I had to then take those ideas and turn them into a SMART goal, with a clear measure and timeframe for each
  5. Then commit to it – write it down on paper
  6. Finally start getting excited about what it would mean to achieve these goals

Simple right? So how many of us actually even get past step 1 – probably not many of us. So the next question is what do you need to do differently to get through all the six steps to come out with 3 clear exciting goals.

I encourage you to have a go, and let me know how you get on – did you manage to come up with 3 clear goals, what worked well, what didn’t work well? Good luck!

Do you know what last blew your budget, was it something unexpected, a shopping spree, or something else?  

When I came back from overseas I was in debt, had to borrow money from my parents just to get by, live back at home and find a job.  It was coming up to Christmas, I needed a haircut and my car was due for a registration.  Something had to give and I knew that this time next year I didn’t want to be in the same position.

So I worked out my budget, then worked out what was causing me to blow the budget. The big stuff that hurt, anything over $100 was painful at the time so I came up with a plan to reduce the impact for next time.

So lets take something that comes up regularly – car registration. It always seems to crop up at a most inconvenient time, and who has a spare $200 lying around that you would happily depart with?

I’ve put together a little calculator (based on NZ car rego costs) so you can see how much you would need for your next registration. If your interested in trying it, send me an email or reply to this post and I’ll email you a copy. Try it out and tell me what you think

Then I guess the real question is, what are you going to miss more - that amount each per payday, or that lump sum? And if you decide to put it away each payday, the next decision is where are you going to put it so you don’t touch it?

What do you think? Would love to have your feedback

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