Achieving your goals is hard work, it takes effort, motivation and commitment. You have days, weeks or even months where you just never seem to have the time to complete any actions, let alone even think about your goals.

So you need to do everything possible to help support you in achieving your goals, and a having a support network can be one of the best motivators I know.

There are lots of things to do to help build your support networks. Here are a few ideas:

Share with friends and family

One of the easiest things is to do is tell your friends and family about your goals. They only want to see you succeed and can offer some great tips and suggestions for helping you move forward. You will find they will often ask how you are getting on - imagine that feeling of telling them your what you have achieved. It might even inspire them to take action

Personal Journal

Another way is creating a personal journal. By reflecting on both your achievements and the obstacles you have faced, this is a great way to help you learn what works and what doesn’t work. A great way of being able to look back and see how far you have come.


Or you can just tell the whole world, social media makes things so much easier. Facebook updates, blogging, twitter – you name it.  No this is not for everyone, but it’s a great way of motivating yourself with a huge support network following you. This is blog I have found recently about a guy wanting to travel the world, very inspiring!

Or if you are still stuck at the beginning and having trouble deciding what your goals are, check out this blog with my step by step instructions.
  • Commit your goals to writing you’re 40% more likely to achieve them                                                                     
  • If you tell someone else, you’re 60% more likely to achieve them.
  • If you have a coach you’re 95% more likely to achieve your goal
What support networks do you have to help you achieve your goals?

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